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About QuickPhish

QuickPhish is a fully featured security awareness platform with ready to launch security awareness courses and a phishing simulator designed to enhance your organization's security awareness program. QuickPhish is cost effective, easy to use and includes the tools you need to successfully manage your own security awareness training campaign.

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QuickPhish was created by two co-founders from Oregon, USA each with 15+ years experience in technology including web development, solution design and information security. The solution was designed with security in mind including the following features:

  • DigitalOcean App Hosting
  • AWS hosted MongoDB Database
  • SendGrid Transactional Email Relay
  • Developed using Angular JS by Google
  • Stripe Payments Processing
  • QuickPhish sanitizes lure pages on the client side to ensure that credentials (usernames/passwords) are never sent to or seen by our servers.
  • QuickPhish ensures that simulations can only be launched against targets on your validated domains.
  • QuickPhish restricts launching simulations against public ISP domains.

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