www.QuickPhish.com, a fully hosted and fully automated phishing awareness platform, has just had its 4 month anniversary since our launch in April. Below is a summary of what we have seen and learned since then:

  • The risk of email Phishing is a top of mind concern the world over: We have seen over 150 organizations signup or trial our service from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Middle East, and Europe.
  • Firewalls and spam filters do not fully protect from phishing attacks: Cyber criminals are using thousands of variants and millions of auto-generated links to spread ransomware, attempt wire fraud or gain entry to a network for a data breach. The average firewalls and spam filters can block some of these risks and next-gen solutions that proxy or re-write URL's do a better job but inevitably some risks get through.
  • Phishing concerns the big and the small: We have spoken to organizations over 10,000+ employees in size along with SMB organizations and everything in between. All are being phished daily and need a way to educate their user base.
  • Phishing does not discriminate! The industries most effected by phishing include: Financial / Insurance / Education / Non-Profits / Tech. In addition to these nearly a dozen others types of organizations have tried the service!
  • Phishing awareness goes hand in hand with security awareness. This is why we have added a fully hosted cost effective security awareness service!
  • The human firewall is worth investing in: The best way to avoid a serious malware infection or breach is to educate your user base! Its cost effective, quick and easy to perform, plus you get to be the hero that saved your organization from cyberpunks!

If your an IT or InfoSec professional signup for free at www.quickphish.com and take the first step to more secure org!

What to look forward to from QuickPhish in the coming weeks and months:

  • A fully integrated security awareness LMS hosting solution with best in class training content modules is due out end of month
  • An MSP and MSSP friendly white label feature set for our reseller client base
  • New templates and awareness content that represents the ever changing landscape of real world phishing risks